Monday, 30 October 2023 09:07

Dance competition

We are soooo proud of our Foodstep kids!
They performed the best on music and dance competition !

Sunday, 11 June 2023 17:08


Dear people,

How are things over there in Europe? Here it is dry season and very hot. Fortunately, we now have our own well , so no more water shortage.
The children have a short holiday and so are cosily all at home in the Home. Everyone helps to keep everything running smoothly. Friends and visitors also make it very cosy. They came together with our kids to organise fun activities.
For instance, all the rooms were refreshed with a new coat of paint. New recipes were prepared in the cooking pots.
Running competitions and games without borders, where our Foodstep kids always returned home with the victory. The vegetables from our garden are growing like cabbage. We now also have a chicken garden, patiently waiting for the first eggs. A new picking of mushrooms is also on the agenda. Our restaurant has already had many people enjoying our own harvest, cooked by the children.

In our bungalow, we can finally start painting. Hopefully you will be able to stay soon.

We were also able to welcome some new children to Foodstep. Lovely to see these little wounded birds growing up in a warm nest.

But you didn't sit still for Foodstep either!
Friends went to promote Foodstep at party markets, both in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Many sewing projects were sold, made by our Joel. New interns are already booked. And for the first time we were able to make a good video call with Basisschool de Akker in NL, who raised a nice amount for Foodstep by selling plants.
Supper thanks for that!
On top, may I certainly not forget to mention that on 8 July 2023, our deliciously familiar Bbq will continue! Don't forget to sign up! Everyone welcome. And thanks in advance!!!

Among all this good news, we also had some bad news. Our best friend, Jan Van Droogenbroeck, (pizzeria Goretties) passed away unexpectedly.
He had a funeral service in Belgium and his ashes were scattered in Lake Victoria here in Uganda. It was a dignified farewell. He is greatly missed!

We would like to thank you all for your support, prayers and love for Foodstep Uganda. We promise that all the kids will have a happy, hopeful future!
God's Blessing
Xxx Nathalie Seliffet

Sunday, 11 June 2023 16:51


We got a memorable funeral for Jan Van Droogenbroeck.
His ashes are now in Lake Victoria. His favorite place. RIP our best friend.
Werner, Nathalie and Foodstep Uganda family

Sunday, 11 June 2023 16:46


It's so amazing that friends all over the world are supporting Foodstep! Our home made Foodstep things are selling good!
Thank you all,
Foodstep Uganda kids

Sunday, 11 June 2023 16:41


We made it again in Bundibugyo for regionals.

Sunday, 11 June 2023 16:36


On Friday the 16th of April, our Foodstep kids, especially Frank, organized a wonderful worship on our land.
Singing, praying, music, dancing, nice food....
They invited kids from school and neighborhood. They where with 40 peoples. It was wonderful! Our land was in joy and peace!
I was the proudest mother in the whole of Africa! Well done Foodstep kids.!
Next year they want to come back...I am sure, one day our land will be filled with youth worshipping God!!

Sunday, 02 April 2023 14:59

Chris and Philemon

So proud of Chris and Philemon. They are in special education together but doing fantastically well! Xn

Sunday, 02 April 2023 14:54


Dear friends,
During corona we ran up a sky-high hospital bill. Lots of malaria, also this week 4 kids with severe malaria, orthopaedic surgeries, burns, physio therapies, medication, vaccinations, chicken pox....
Now we have in our home a girl Clair 17 y. A tumour was discovered in her left breast yesterday . She has to have surgery and biopsy immediately!
Now the hospital says we have to pay for the outstanding bill first before they operate on her.
18 000 000 ugx is 5000 euros, outstanding bill at Emanuelle hospital in Entebbe.
Who can help us? Little bits make a big difference ! Will you also pray for Clair?
Thank you very much!

Sunday, 02 April 2023 14:42


Foodstep only got winners at International school Uganda! I am soooo proud! Thanks mister Paul for your big heart towards Foodstep Uganda xn

Yes and also family day. I have never been sooooo angry in my life!!! We were invited, but head of parents in International school just shouted us away. You are not in my programme, you and YOUR KIDS, YOU GO, GO, GO, GO! There are (ritch) parents who don't want you to be here!
While we just wanted to show our talent in acrobatic and sports.
Well then you're pretty much at the wrong address, making fun of me in front of everyone and especially in front of my kids like that.
Just wait ....
Our kids had got my message!
Running game no 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5 all MY FOODSTEP KIDS!
Football match , -10 j Foodstep No 1! , -16 j Foodstep no 1!
So settled that!!!

Sunday, 02 April 2023 14:37


Sooooo amazing! We are proud of you! Mama, papa and all the Foodstep family.
Our Christopher in Foodstep Uganda!

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