Let us introduce ourselves:

Werner Steurbaut (°1962) was a student at the Royal Cadet School and after that the Military School in Brussels. He became a professor in history and taught history at the Military School.
In 1990 he married Nathalie Seliffet and moved to the Netherlands where he became conservator at the Palace The Loo. After 8 years they returned to Belgium where he started working for a company specialized in knighthoods and decorations.
Since he had a thing with Africa, as a family, they moved to Uganda. There he worked for a health insurance company but started helping his wife at the Foodstep Project very soon after that.
Now he is a "father" to 123 children at the Foodstep Home and father of 2 teenagers. He is responsible for making projects work so that the children can enjoy a hopeful future.

Unfortunately on January 3th 2013 Werner has had a cerebral infarction and is now put on non-active.

Nathalie Seliffet (°1971) attended a training for nursing aide, got her degree as chiropodist and attended a course for teacher at primary school.
After marrying Werner, she followed him to The Netherlands. There she got a son, Maxim. In 1997 she wrote a bestseller "Tasty with Montignac". Through this many columns followed in magazines and courses, TV-recordings  and so on as a culinary stylist.

In 2001 Trà was adopted. The cutest girl ever from Vietnam, age 5 at that time.

In 2008, as a family, they moved to Uganda. Immediately she saw the need, especially with the children living on the streets.
When one day she discovered Kampiringisa (rehabilitation centre), her whole life changed. Now she is committed, together with her husband and magnificent team, day and night to visit these children each week and help them where needed. On top of that she works closely with child protection to give these children a warm home at the Foodstep home.


Our church in Belgium:

Our home church is Gods Ambassade.

More info about GA you can find on their website >>.



Project "The Homecoming"

A home for every child


Rehabilitation Centre


Every gift saves a life.