Pedagogical concept:

Vision: "For each child a home"

Mission: "A holistic approach to raise children"


The children in our Home all follow an education. Primary, secondary, vocational education, courses and so on. During this time, the children are assisted bij councilors
and social workers. They also have sport, music and are raised with the Ugandese tradition by our Ugandese staff. 30 to be exactly: social workers, drivers, pastors,
cooks, den mothers, nurses, watchmen and maintenance.

When they graduate and have a certain responsibility, together with them we go search for a job, housing and so on, but as Foodstep we remain available for advice
and counseling. 30 children have already left the nest, stand on their own feet and have a job.

Foodstep also has relations with the neighbours, schools and local population.  


Project "The Homecoming"

A home for every child


Rehabilitation Centre


Every gift saves a life.