Do you support us or do you sponsor a child? Great! MANY THANKS! But to keep on providing for their needs much more is needed.
Underneath you can find a list with all our of needs, one more urgent than the other. My we be so frank to ask you to take a look at this list and consider to help us extra. This can be done trough an extra donation or an activity that you organize for the benefit of Foodstep Uganda.

On behalf of myself, the organization and all the kids at Foodstep we wish to thank you for your support, because without you, all of this wouldn't be possible.


Sponsoring 1 child per month   €30
A new school bus for the children   €25.000
Tyles at water tap   €500
Generator   €1500
Drill a water bore hale   €9000
Repair boot   €1000
Motor for our boot   €1000
Water system, gutters tank 5000litres (baby side)   €5000  
3 new computers for office   €2000
Tracing families and transport (50kids)   €2000
Medical costs   €500
Cooking pot plus 100 plates   €200
Renovation boys building   €10.000
Home fence   €800
50 new mattresses   €1500
Building a church   €15.000  
Chicken house plus fence   €800
Garden materials   €500
Office furniture   €3000
10 tables 10 beaches   €2500
New roof kitchen plus class   €2000
Renovation girls latrine   €8000
50 new black shoes medium   €1000
Dust bin containers   €800  
Repainting all the buildings (outside)   €2000
Repainting all the buildings (inside)   €1500
School materials nursery school   €500
Children play ground (swings, sliding)   €2000
Rice for all the children (1month)   €600
Beans for all the children (1month)   €360
Powder milk for the babies   €170
100 counter books   €50  
7 security torches   €70  
Washing soap (1month)   €80  
Tooth paste for all the children (1month)   €85  
Washing brushes plus basins for all the children   €450  
3 Atlases   €50  
Architect plans for the land   €1000