Kampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre

Each Thursday we visit Kampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre on Masaka Road. A rehabilitation centre which has lost a lot of its glory after 20 years.

Foodstep Uganda provides each week food, clothes, medical care, education ( basic training and 3 vocational training) and helps with the restoration of the buildings.

It remains distressing ... 300 children packed together in large cells. 3 year old among 18 year old, half naked in degrading circumstances. Fortunately Foodstep is there to help!

Nevertheless, in the past 6 years we were able to realize a lot of good work and improve the living conditions of all the children. Kampiringisa has 9 paid staaf members of Foodstep




Project "The Homecoming"

A home for every child


Rehabilitation Centre


Every gift saves a life.