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Foodstep only got winners at International school Uganda! I am soooo proud! Thanks mister Paul for your big heart towards Foodstep Uganda xn

Yes and also family day. I have never been sooooo angry in my life!!! We were invited, but head of parents in International school just shouted us away. You are not in my programme, you and YOUR KIDS, YOU GO, GO, GO, GO! There are (ritch) parents who don't want you to be here!
While we just wanted to show our talent in acrobatic and sports.
Well then you're pretty much at the wrong address, making fun of me in front of everyone and especially in front of my kids like that.
Just wait ....
Our kids had got my message!
Running game no 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5 all MY FOODSTEP KIDS!
Football match , -10 j Foodstep No 1! , -16 j Foodstep no 1!
So settled that!!!

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