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Why do I need to explain our nursery kids, we can t go for village walk?
Why does little Steven, don t understand i am not alloud to hug him?
Why does my baby boy, Godfread, can t be kissed?
Why does my secundairy kids, have no home school true computer, like in Europe?
Why we often have no water, to wash our hands and clothes?
Why are supermarket closed, we need food for 86 kids and staff, who are locked down!
Some kids need to go to hospital. Especialy our HIV kids!
Why don t we get a sticker? So we can drive a car?
All banks are closed. So how do we pay for food, medical care, fuel, ....?
Our kids and staff don t have social media. A newspaper and radio , is there only connection with the world.
Why could my familie, for Easter, not come to see us......?

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