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Wonderfull friends, I have terrible news! The last month there is a group of witchdoctors killing young woman and teenage girls. In our village Entebbe, 30 died. 10 of them in our street! In the beginning it was always in the evening hours, now even during day time!
They always kill the same way. They rape, kill, take organs out and impale the body on a wooden stick. Really unbelievable!!
Everybody is so scared! The police and army are patroling. Helicopters fly around, but still.....every day a woman dies.
The governement is taking this serious! Its every day on the news.
Our kids are not allowed to go outside. They need to walk in group. We have now 10 security guards, day and night. Girls need extra counseling. You can't trust anybody outside!
We don't want to scare our visitors or volunteers, but we take our responsibility to inform them. We can imagine they would cancel their visit to Uganda.
We continue to help the police and pray for peace. This witchcraft needs to stop, NOW!
Nathalie., Foodstep Uganda

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