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donderdag, 29 december 2016 10:18


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Today we had the burial of our little son Joseph. It was a bussy day. Buy a coffin, pick up our Joseph in the mortuarium, arranging police, kids and staff, transport, digging a pit and build a grave for the coffin , who is going to speech?,  drinks, ? ... My amazing staff and kids made it a beautiful day! We even found a brother from our Joseph! We came back by a boot..... I cried my eyes out... xn



dinsdag, 27 december 2016 15:46


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Our sweet little boy Joseph just went to heaven.

Joseph, our precious son. 5 years long abused, abounded, burned, malnourished by his father and stepmother. He was 6 months with us. Becomming a great, happy, special, joyfull boy! He got meningitis since he was not immuniated for it....he was not strong enough to fight the battle. Rest in peace my special son, we will mis you soooo much! Mama, papa, all your brothers and sisters. You loved lollypops and ballooooonies. Tomorow they will be there. X mama

dinsdag, 20 december 2016 14:12

Christmas with the staff

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Today we had a Foodstep staff Christmas party on our land. We had a very good time, nice food, cake, gifts,....for the first time all of my staff were together . I am very proud of them! Xn

zaterdag, 17 december 2016 19:37

Christmas party

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Today we got an amazing Christmas party in Kampiringisa. Nice food, soda, sport, nice gifts for all the kids and gifts for the boys wing and girls wing. But we enjoyed all the talents from the children. Some played music, some danced, some acted....really it was the best party in years! Thanks to all the sponsors and peoples who love Foodstep!

vrijdag, 16 december 2016 21:27


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Hilda had the 2 th day of her life a big surgerie. Her head, her left leg was used to safe the big deep wounds on the right leg. But, our girl is like I told you, a great Foodstep fighter! Doctors are amazed how she can survive this wounds. Ok she has a painpump, but still....we are proud of our wonderfull new daughter! Xn

donderdag, 15 december 2016 20:09


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Ons kleine meisje Hilda heeft een zware operatie ondergaan. Haar beentje was zo diep verwond, dat men haar andere beentje heeft moeten gebruiken om beide beentjes te redden. Haar hoofdje heeft zware brandwonden, niet in het aangezicht.
Maar wat onze geweldige uk dokters samen met de beste dokters in Uganda in opleiding ons vertelde is dat Hilda een vechtertje is. Kijk maar naar de fotos. Dit is een baby van 2 dagen oud, geboren, verbrand ,verworpen, geïnfecteerd, geopereerd,...en nu geliefd, verzorgd, gekust....door Foodstep en vele lieve mensen. Super bedankt! X Nathalie

woensdag, 14 december 2016 12:54

Waar is de rechtvaardigheid?

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Ik kom net terug van de rechtbank, tussen 2 infusen door. De ouders die 5 jaar lang onze Jozef gemarteld, uitgehongerd, achter gelaten hebben in het woud, verbrand,....kregen eerst 5 jaar celstraf....maar na veel sorry, sorry, ik zal het nooit meer doen....nog 2 jaar!?!  
Woest ben ik! De ratten in de labo's zijn beter beschermd dan mijn kinderen ! Hilda ligt nu op de operatie tafel, haar beentje is verkoold! Here,Here help!! Xn

maandag, 12 december 2016 20:17


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When laying in the hospital for a blood infection, I was called for an emergency. And every time I think and pray, it can t be worser than with Edwin, Jozef, Daisy, Brian, ....I jumped out the hospital bed, promissed I will come back later. Then we found our new new born little girl Hilda( named by the lady who called the police) Hilda is born at 9 am, burned at 11 am, thrown in a toilet pit, in the shit! By her own mother. Please pray for her! If you want to help her with the medical bills of the plastic surgery or medication, or milk powder...let us know, it would be wonderful ! X Nathalie, foodstep Uganda    Btw, she is a real fighter, she opened her eyes to me as if she want to say, lets go for it mam!! Be careful with the photos, they are really shocking!



zondag, 11 december 2016 16:25


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Party at Foodstep Uganda!